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** Massage Billericay Essex - Holistic Massage - Indian Head Massage - Sports massage -
Topo Massage - Topoluci Massage in Essex**

21, Cavell Road,
CM11 2HR

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At Mouse’s Mitts our therapist is licenced, ITEC qualified with further tutelage by the world renowned Darian Pritchard.
And, is a member of the Federation of Holistic
Therapists [FHT] NBBA.
Plus our therapist is a qualified fitness instructor, personal trainer and in nutrition
nd has worked with the Olympic team, footballers cricketers swimmers
and others sports men & women, as well as fireman, the police and the special forces.
While also often works with “A” list celebs and the elite! Plus, also being a renowned saxophonist.
So, with these qualities all this invaluable  experience  and broad  knowledge
you are sure to be in real good hands.

We offer sports massage and remedial therapy, such as Holistic and Indian Head massage,
in order to treat clients with musculo skeletal and other medical conditions.
While also offering soothing and relaxing treatments, like the Topo and Topoluci massage
that soften tones and tightens.
This,will  also synergize the mind and body creating harmonious well being.

Mouse’s Mitts simplicitly strives, at all times, to succinctly adhere to the ethos
of cleanliness,
comfort and complete client care while at the same time offering a cordial
and convivial experience. just like that enjoyed by” A list“ celebrities.

If you have muscular aches and pains or stiffness/fatigue that requires specific treatment,
then we would highly recommend one of our
Deep Tissue Massages. Prices start from £45. A small investment for your overall health

Question often asked
massage therapy sport essex billericay 

As regular massage helps keep the muscles and joints supple; improving flexibility thus
helping accelerate recovery, enhance performance and prevent overuse injuries.

Massage stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow, improving the supply of
oxygen to tissues and organs and encouraging the removal of lactic acid and toxins
that cause muscle stiffness and soreness.

Unlike general stretching, a deep tissue sports massage will help lengthen individual muscles.
By working across the fibres in all directions,
                     adhesions can be identified and eliminated before they cause discomfort.

Therefore, Sports Massage is most beneficial to those that regularly train/exercise and
are injury free, as well as, those that regularly train/exercise and do sustain injuries.
Furthermore, Sports Massage or more to the point Deep Tissue Massage,
is also most beneficial to those that do not do any sports, training or exercise.

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